KGB Archiver

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A good compression tool for free


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KGB Archiver is a compression tool to compress and decompress files featuring really high compression rates. If compared with other applications such as 7zip or UHARC, KGB Archiver is much better.

The problem of KGB is that when it was released the requirements were too high, so people didn't use it and nowadays it's not as common as Zip or RAR, but if you want to compress a file with really high compression rates, it can be a good choice.

Not only does it compress files and decompress them but it also encrypt them by using the algorithm AES-256.

The menu is very intuitive, you first choose if you will compress or decompress, if you'll compress files, you only have to choose the files and the compression level and if you will decompress, just choose the files and the output folder.

Finally, it also adds an option in the right-click menu, so you'll be able to compress files from the File Explorer.